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BullseyeWeb Design Questions

If another company designed my website, can Fresh Input Design take over the project?

Absolutely we can take over the project. Whether you are looking for simple maintenance or a complete redesign our technical and design skills allow us to work with other design projects. In fact we work with many designers who then ask us to code their websites for them as well.

I am looking to redesign the website, can you help?

Yes, we can. But don’t be fooled on this one. Site structure on a website is generally like building a house. Once the walls are up and the roof is on you generally don’t go back and say ok I want that room over there and this room over here and the kitchen there. The code of a website is very much like a house in that all of the pieces of the code meet a certain need. Generally a redesign requires a start from scratch. Again we do make simple maintenance updates to websites if that is what you prefer.

How long before my website is up and running?

For a professional web site we require 2-4 weeks. This includes everything from consultation to planning, design layouts, layout reviews, coding, image work and any technical aspects (ie: registration, hosting, ssl certificates, etc.) of the project. Projects can vary in time to completion, often times this will depend on how well the client is prepared with things such as content and images.

Why do other companies charge less?

Simply put there are thousands of web designers out there. Even inexperienced teenagers are jumping on this as some quick cash for college. Some corporate design firms charge above and beyond anything we could images. Our prices also include not only the design and coding of your website but managing your hosting and registration as well as managing any technical aspects of the project.

What kind of traffic can I expect on my website?

This all depends on several factors. How well have you marketed your company? Are you planning on running any search engine marketing campaigns (we can help)? Have you explored traditional marketing avenues, such as newspapers, magazines, etc?

Does Fresh Input Design provide search engine optimization (seo)?

Yes we do! We structure our sites to be search engine friendly and provide basic optimization techniques as part of our initial development on your website. Please note it is always important to have written content for your website. The more you have, the more we have to work with. We can then assist you in optimizing this content for the search engines.

*Please note Google, Yahoo and MSN do not guarantee placement or positioning on the search engines in their natural listings.

Can I see where my customers are going on the website?

Yes. We will set up analytics for your website so you can track your customers user habits.

Do the analytics cost anything?

No, we do not charge extra for this. This is included in our prices as part of the package we offer.

What does Fresh Input Design offer?

Based on our clients needs we offer a variety of services:

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